Unfinished Business – The Rebirth of the ALPO Lunar Dome Survey (Published article)

By Marvin W. Huddleston, F.R.A.S. A.L.P.O. Lunar Recorder: Lunar Dome Survey Link Removed kc5le@sbcglobal.net     ABSTRACT The A.L.P.O. board of directors approved the revival of the Lunar Dome Survey during their annual board meeting in the summer of 2003.  The initial LDS program was conceived by Harry Jamieson in the early 1960’s and headed [...]

Lunar Swirls, Magnetic Anomalies, And the Reiner Gamma Formation

ABSTRACT Reiner Gamma is the only near side example of the elusive Lunar Swirl features. There exist only three other known examples, two on the moons far side, and another on Mercury. The origin of these surface deposits and their related magnetic anomalies are a matter of debate, which most likely will not be settled [...]

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