Let the World Sleep…a Poem by Marvin W. Huddleston


While most the world sleeps,

Let others awake weep…

Because this night you and I alone

 Own those stars which above us are shown.

Twinkling as though only to us they wink,

Only toward you and I they blink.

We lie together under the moonless skies,

The stars shining brilliantly as each stroll by.

Of all the beauty that the skies unfold,

None of them compare with you, my doe.

Up there in Cygnus, hides the Veil,

Reminding me of the one you once wore,

placing me forever under your spell.

And over in Lyra, the ring doth shine,

Reminding me of the one you wear, which made you all mine.

There is one thing on which you can always count,

And that is my eternal love, no doubt.

You alone will I adore,

as long as the stars are there to explore.

And if they should ever fail to shine,

Still will I only and forever be thine.

Yes, I love those celestial skies above,

But not even they compare with you, my love…

Image: Hubble, Galaxy Cluster MACS J0717


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